13b engine oil pan stud kit

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This oil pan stud kit is designed to eliminate oil leaks and stripped mounting threads on the block.

Due to the stud and nut design a slightly higher torque rating can be achieved when installing the oil pan, this will help seal the oil pan to the block. The other great benefit to a stud kit is no longer needing to remove / reinstall the bolts from the block every time the oil pan is removed, this will keep the threads in the block from being stripped out which is a very common problem on the aluminum parts of a rotary engine.

We have been using our stud kit for many years with great success over the stock oil pan bolts.


Benefits include,

  • Achieving a higher tightening torque
  • Better oil pan seal to prevent leaks
  • Engage all the threads before force is applied to eliminate stripped threads
  • The added torque can also help stiffen the block slightly
  • Removal and installation of the oil pan is easier and safer on threads


This kit includes all the studs and nuts needed for a 13b 2 rotor engine.

We also provide this stud kit for the 20b 3 rotor engine as well.