13brew complete swap

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I built this swap a while back, took a few years on and off to get it to the point it is now. Was built to be a 750 whp weekend street car, all top of the line parts were used. Spent over $25,000 on this setup over time. All parts were brand new.

Unfortunately after buying a house last year I haven't driven the car but a couple times and the responsible side of me said its best to let someone else use the swap instead of it just sitting in the garage.

I have already sold a few parts off the car (Gauges, Front and rear strut bars etc) but id like for the REW swap to go as a package deal to someone that way id hopefully see the swap still running in the future.

I put a few thousand miles on the swap over the past few years, never had the time to get it out for a full dyno tune so the swap has never seen more than 10 psi of boost. Starts up hot and cold great and idles well at around 1800 rpm (Bridgeport requires a slightly high idle). Have driven the car are a few trips an hour away with no issues.

Currently base tuned for e85 and full premix (No OMP) have always used Klotz Benol and Redline Premix. Both are great options for E85.

The car does need some small things finished up such as the ac compressor doesnt want to kick on, the stock rx8 system isnt sending the signal for the compressor to start up not sure why havent looked into it. Also the ac condensor needs some mounts fabricated.
Lights on the dash need worked with.
There is a slight oil pan leak (REW is known for this issue)
Some small misc things id like to re-do such as the throttle cable through firewall etc
Would recommend a coolant overflow tank in the future
Obviously will need a good dyno tune etc

Ill make a list of parts below off the top of my head but will be missing some things im sure,

13brew engine block
-TII 8.5 compression rotors
-rotors machined to 3mm
-Goopy apex seals
-Rx8 eshaft
-Dowel pinned
-Rx8 front cover modified to fit
-Rx8 oil pan cut / welded to it motor mount
-Rx8Performace motor mount

Haltech platinum sport 1000
-Haltech fuse / relay block
-Haltech wire harness pinned for this setup

-AEM smart ignition coils x4
-MSD spark plug wires x4

-Walbro 485 e85 in tank pump
-modified fuel pump housing
-8 AN nylon braided fuel feed line from tank
-8 AN feed lines to fuel rails
-6 AN return line to stock fuel feed line
-Aeromotive 1000 fuel pressure regulator
-FPR gauge
-Custom fuel rails
-Injector Dynamics 1000 primary injectors x2
-Injector Dynamics 2000cc secondary injectors x6

Coolant system
-Koyo radiator meant for a skyline
-Custom mount for radiator
-Mishimoto aluminum radiator fan shroud
-Custom aluminum coolant lines
-Custom AN lines to heater core

Turbo setup
-Garrett GT42 turbo T6 large divided housing / Anti surge housing
- AN oil feed and return lines
-Custom fully divided Stainless steel turbo manifold
-Twin Precision wastegates
-Greddy Type R blow off valve
-Custom 5" to 4" Stainless steel downpipe with wideband bung
-Custom 4" Stainless steel midpipe
-Vibrant 4" Stainless steel flex section
-Custom aluminum turbo piping
-Vibrant intercooler
-Vibrant / Mishimoto couplers and t bolt clamps
-Wiggins style quick release clamp on throttle body to intake piping
-MAF bung welded onto intake
-Intake air temperature bung welded to intake
- AN PTFE boost vacuum lines / adapters
-Black Turbo blanket
-Turbo intake filter

Custom intake manifold
-1 off intake plenum
-Ross Machine racing velocity stacks
-Ross machine racing 90mm throttle body w/ supra tps adapter and sensor
-Vacuum ports welded to bottom
-Fuel rails mounted to top of runners
-Universal billet aluminum gas pedal
-Custom throttle cable

-Ac compressor with mounting bracket welded on
-Custom Ac lines to use the Rx8 condenser
-Custom bracket to hold Rx8 Eshaft position sensor
-Custom -10 AN oil lines to both stock oil coolers

If interested feel free to ask any questions that you may have, ill be uploading some pictures and a couple videos of the car running.

With all that said i could sell the full setup as a bolt in turnkey or partial all depending on the offer recieved.

Complete swap with engine / ecu / injectors / turbo setup / coolant system / fuel system etc $15,500

Complete swap without engine / ecu / injectors $9800

The car is also available as it is with the rew swap or with the stock rx8 engine, will post separately in the future.