HKS Center Mid Pipe

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Increase your exhaust flow with the use of the HKS Racing Center Pipes for the R35 Nissan GT-R! This is the same unit found in the HKS GT570 and GT600 packages! This unit is available in this non-silenced version for all out performance or a version with a silencer for those who want a quieter sound.

The dual piping diameter is 75mm (3") and merges up to a huge 85mm (3.35") diameter piping. The OEM stock exhaust decibel rating is 88dB whereas with just an HKS exhaust system it is around 89-91dB. With this HKS race center pipe and the HKS exhaust it is around 103+dB. This item is considered to be for 'off-road/race use only' as it eliminates the secondary catalytic converters.