Greddy Evolution Evo3 Exhaust

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GReddy Evolution Evo3 Exhaust Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ (2013-2014) 10117302

Catback Exhaust - 2.76" exhaust piping, 102mm exhaust tips.  Gain 7 hp and 6.3 ft/lbs torque on a stock car

The GReddy Evolution Evo3 exhaust is a classic Japanese exhaust that has a unique design and incredible sound.  GReddy designed this exhaust to have the best flow characteristics for your specific vehicle by ensuring the exhaust flow has the least resistance and large enough piping for a stock vehicle all the way up to a heavily modified vehicle.  Great for daily driving as the Evo3 mufflers do a good job of keeping down noise while still having an aggressive sound and a clean JDM look.