Remanufactured climate control assembly

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A common problem on the Rx8 is the climate control unit, ALOT of cars will suffer symptoms such as no heat / cooling adjustment due to faulty control boards within the unit. If you are experiencing issues of randomly working heat or AC than this remanufactured replacement should fix your problem permanently.

We disassemble the entire unit, clean and replace many components that are known to fail. Our fixed unit will outlast the vehicle.


BennettBuilt remanufactured climate control units are a direct bolt in fix.


This listing has a mandatory CORE charge. The way it works is you will pay an additional $65 up front and we will ship out a Reman unit to you. Once you install the new unit you ship back your old non working unit and we will refund the $65 core charge to you.

The only way around the core charge is if you send in your climate control BEFORE purchasing a Reman unit. If you'd rather do the exchange this way just message us before hand.


We will send a Paypal invoice for $65 after your purchase, this will need to be paid before we can ship out your unit !



All remanufactured units have a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Ever have a problem with the unit just pay shipping and the unit will be replaced free of charge.



Any questions please send a message.