HKS GT570 Sport Package

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GT570 Sport Package

The HKS GT570 Racing Package was engineered and designed specifically for the Nissan GTR R35. With four generations of commitment between HKS and the Nissan GTR, this GT570 Racing Package is a culmination of years of testing, tuning and track time.

The HKS GT570 Racing Package Includes:

  • Racing Extension Pipes (75mm)
  • Racing Center Pipe (75mm x2 85mm)
  • Pre-programmed EVC (JDM Spec)
  • Super SQV (x2) Blow-off Valve Kit
  • Reinforced Actuators
  • Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs (M45HL)

The HKS GT570 is intended for off-road/motorsports use only.


HKS 14033-AN002