Rx8 Ignition upgrade kit

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BennettBuilt Performance is proud to offer the Rx8 community a proven solution to the known weak OEM ignition parts.

The kit includes,

  • D585 Ignition coils
  • Custom Billet polished aluminum bracket and hardware
  • BennettBuilt Elite series spark plug wires
  • Ls to Rx8 wire harness adapter

Installing this kit greatly improves the full ignition system starting with a hotter spark. The improved spark will aid in better fuel economy, better performance, a cleaner burning engine, faster starts and will not "blow" out when boost is added to the engine. The OEM ignition is known to be to weak for use with turbo or supercharged applications due to the spark being blown out when boost pressure is applied, causing misfires. Replacing the ignition system with a BennettBuilt Performance kit resolves this issue.

The greatest benefit of the ignition system is seen after replacing OEM ignition components time after time. This kit is proven to last a long time, saving tons of money over buying new OEM ignition coils and plug wires often. The OEM ignition components are known to start failing as low as 20k miles and regularly after, Installing this kit one time solves this issue and saves you the hassle of frequent replacement. 

To see the greatest benefit from this coil conversion we recommend that the ignition coil dwell setting be adjusted using a Cobb access port or similar tuning method.

Please feel free to send us an email with any questions or concerns.



  1. Faster starts
  2. Reliable for a long time
  3. Hotter spark
  4. Better Performance
  5. Better Fuel economy



It is STRONGLY advised to replace the spark plugs when replacing the other ignition components on the Rx-8. You will need 2x NGK 6700 and 2x NGK 6701. Make sure to install the spark plugs in the correct location as they are marked T or L.